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This is a demo slideshow of the photos in your photo gallery. You can easily create slideshows out of your photos with 27 different slide transition effects.

Bank Barn RenovationJared Re-mortaring the wallBrackets hold the new support postsJared says the wall will be good for another 100 years :)The mortar and fill had fallen away.New footers under the support posts.Jared surveys his work ;)Bree sThe girls making bread for Daddy.Baker Bree!Building fenceBuilding fenceBuilding fenceTobyThis swarm rested in the tree outside my window!Poppa loves GennySabrina's adoption day!Free range turkeys are hard on my flower beds :(Jared is 'hiving' a swarm of beescheddar cheeseJess loves the sheep.Working hard to make honey for us.Jason is checking the bees.Yearlings take a breakOur 'On Farm' GreenhouseThe children catching frogsJessica is 7 and proud to be able to help with choresJessica with a 'bottle' lambEwes keeping an eye on the Township roadApril brings pastures full of lambsOur 'free range'  egg vanWe got this calf's attentionBig brother Jared luring three siblings into the squeeze chute...Spreading composted manure in the fallMom is watching out for her calfwe wouldn't want to be without our skid loader!oops, calf snuffle on the camera5 fat mama cows