Certified Organic, 100% Grass-fed Lamb

Coulter Farms harvests about 75 Lambs per year.  The ewes are Katahdin Hair Sheep.  This breed is known for its shedding coat (like a dog...no fleece shearing, YAY!)  These days, you must pay someone to shear and then find someone to take the fleece for free.  The hair sheep are much more comfortable in the summer than wool sheep.  Also, they put their efforts into producing more meat...good for a sheep farmer who gets paid by the pound of meat.  These animals are wonderfully pleasant to work with.  They lamb effortlessly (well, almost) on pasture in April and produce an average of 1.5 to 2,  90 lb lambs by November, per ewe.  The costs for our lambs are shown below.    Please remember, individual animals will weigh slightly more or less and the cost will be adjusted accordingly...


'Typical' Lamb: Live Weight=90 lbs,
  Hanging Weight=50 lbs


Whole Lamb
30 lbs cut/wrapped meat
Half Lamb
15 lbs cut/wrapped meat