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Summer day ruminations from Coulter Farms

Posted 6/12/2020 6:29am by Kinley Coulter.

     As the balmy Dog-days of summer wax long and the summer solstice approaches... it is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that summer weather has arrived.  After some extensive interviews with our milk-cows, we have discovered that the pastures with lots of shade are their 'hooves-down' favorites!  

     During the cool early morning hours our Jerseys fill their stomachs ('Rumens,' actually, they have 4 consecutive 'stomachs'... amazing, but true!) with up to 40 gallons of partially chewed (masticated, actually) pasture clippings.  Then as the sun becomes warmer, they find a cool shady spot to lay down and 'ruminate', coughing up (I know... gross, right?) breakfast over and over to rechew the grass, and swallowing it again to be further broken down by the rumen bacteria in the marvelous fermenting vat we call 'the Rumen.'  Incredibly, there are billions and billions of the little critters in every cow's rumen.  The population of microbes in one cow's rumen outnumbers the human population of planet Earth!  

     The bacteriological activity of all these 'bugs' in their stomach is strongly exothermic... in laymen's terms: they produce major amounts of heat.  This is why cattle are already uncomfortable in the sun when the temperature rises into the 80s.  You wouldn't enjoy summer, either, if you had a propane-heater running in your stomach! Our dairy cattle much prefer (and make much more milk on)  an overcast day in the 40's than in this warm June weather.  While they do graze bits and nibbles during the heat of the day, they strongly prefer to wait until the sun goes down and the temperature drops to fill their rumens again.


     The bright, Sun-Golden color of our milk/butter/yogurt/kefir/cheeses/ice-cream gives powerful testimony to its nutrient density.  Massive amounts of beta-carotene (Vitamin A from their 'salad bar' pasture) as well as countless other biological nutrients in our grassfed milk give it the unmistakable 'grassfed milk' color.

    We think of 'bright-white' as the natural color of milk... but it is, actually, an aberration... a hyper-processed result of modern, industrial dairy practices.  Three generations ago, white milk was the watery, cheap stuff that got sent to the prisons to 'feed' the inmates.  Milk and cheese and butter that wasn't 'Sun-Golden' was hardly considered fit to eat...barely recognizable as food.  That is why, today, butter and cheese has coloring added to it to make it look rich and 'Grassfed.' 


     Just say NO to over-processed white 'prison' milk!  Come to our DC area Farm Markets and fill up your fridge with Rich, Creamy, Nutrient Dense, Sun-Golden, 100% Grassfed, Certified Organic Milk and gently processed dairy products!