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Freshly Made Organic Ice Cream... just in time for Memorial Day!

Posted 5/22/2020 7:56am by Kinley & Rebecca Coulter.

The 'Milk Bottling/Cheese Processing Room' at Coulter Farms has been taken over by the 'Ice-Cream Making Team'.  We have just packed up 75 gallons of farm fresh ice-cream, made from our Certified Organic, 100% Grassfed Jersey Milk.  Actually, call it 74 1/2 gallons... we were forced to do a little product taste-test over lunch, today.


Our available flavors are: Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla AND our newest edition... Peanut Butter!   Meagan's favorite is chocolate... since it absolutely does not stain your dress! :)

 Order Ice Cream here,  for  a tasty and healthy treat... oops!  It turns out Chocolate DOES stain :/