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Pastures are full of cows, and the cows are full of milk :-)

Posted 4/30/2020 9:04am by Kinley Coulter.

Coulter Farms' milk tanks are almost overflowing with rich, creamy, sun-golden 100% Grassfed Organic milk these days.  We call this time of year 'the Spring Flush.'  The pastures are in their explosive growth phase and the cows are working overtime to graze it all.  

We do find a few challenges in the spring.  One challenge is being short on sun and warmth and long on rain.  The lush grass is wet, wet, wet.  In a few months, we will be struggling with too MUCH sun and warmth and too LITTLE rain.

Oh well, C'est la Vie!  The vagaries of the seasons are part of the thrill of being a pasture-centered grazing farm.  

We COULD coop the cows up on concrete, indoors, and put a highly-processed high-octane high-energy grain-based prepared feed in front of them, and life on the farm WOULD be simpler...but not better.

Milk production WOULD be higher... but, milk quality, taste and animal health would drop...

...our customers' health would suffer, too... and our own family's health, as well (We probably drink more of our own milk than most of you!)

So, it seems like when cows are out on organic pastures where they belong... EVERYONE wins!  :)

OK... it's settled... the cows will stay on pasture at Coulter Farms, after all.  

At least some of our farming decisions are really EASY!