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Pastures are full of Cows at Coulter Farms!

Posted 4/24/2020 6:37am by Kinley Coulter.

     Spring, ahhh! Finally, SPRING!  Spring, thankfully, appears to be blissfully unaware of the Covid19 situation. It has flagrantly disobeyed Pennsylvania's 'Stay at Home' order... arriving at Coulter Farms right on time... even a few weeks early.  

     'Cows on Grass' has arrived as well.  I would say that no one is happier about that than us.  After a long winter of feeding hay and bedding cows and sheep, our lush organic pastures have become filled with animals.  After watching our cows come roaring out of their winter quarters... kicking up their heels and gorging themselves on spring grass... it occurs to me that the cows may appreciate spring's arrival even more than we do.

     Watching the cows tearing around the pastures in undisguised, unabashed, undiluted joy...I thought about what the end of our current national shutdown will look like when it finally comes.  I imagine we will all burst out of our social isolation with joyful abandon, and with a renewed appreciation for all of the 'little' things in life that turned out to not be so little when we are deprived of them.  Personally, I'm looking forward to getting back to 'good old' NORMAL... I don't think I appreciated it nearly enough. 


     When my son took this picture, he could only get one cow to take her muzzle out of the grass long enough to snap a quick picture... then she wheeled around and was back at it... filling her rumen with nutrient dense forage that will fill our milk tank (and your refrigerator) with rich, fresh, sun-golden organic milk...

 Even our young spring calves have dispensed with Social Distancing...

     This is a home-made 'milk bar.'  It feeds 16 calves their twice-daily abundance of fresh organic whole milk.  In between milk feedings, they are learning to graze on grass and clover and cavorting around the pasture together.  In two years, these calves should be big and strong and 'socially adjusted' and ready to join our milk herd.


Order some cheese, made here on our farm, from our Certified Organic, 100% Grassfed Milk here, and have it shipped to your door!