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Anxiously Anticipating Autumnal Arrival of Always Appreciated Pumpkin Spice Drinkable Yogurt!

Posted 10/8/2018 8:30am by Kinley Coulter.

     Aaaahhhh!   Cool, foggy mornings.  Crisp clear days with warm sun and cool air.  Foliage threatening to explode into color.   

     All we need to complete the perfect fall daydream is a bright orange glass of Coulter Farms’ Pumpkin Spice Drinkable Yogurt.  Back by popular demand, we are planning a limited production run of our world famous (OK, regionally famous…) yogurt drink.

      We would be glad to produce pumpkin yogurt year round, but no-one buys it in September and no one buys it in December… however, in October and November we can’t produce enough of it.  Think 'Pumpkin Pie in a glass'. 

     Please do not try this yogurt if you don’t like pumpkin, because it's loaded chock full of real pumpkin…with a secret blend of pumpkin pie spices, a dash of Certified Organic cane sugar, oodles of live yogurt cultures and, of course, our Certified Organic 100% Grassfed milk, we can’t possibly end up with a bottle of drinkable yogurt that is anything less than spectacular (I want to say that in all humility… :). )

     When the last leaf piles dry up and blow away the pumpkin yogurt will be gone as well… so don’t procrastinate...get some ordered, quick, before the chilly, wet, dreary December weather announces the sad demise of Pumpkin Spice Drinkable Yogurt for 10 more long months.