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The Rants of a Frustrated Cheesemaker

Posted 11/28/2017 7:39pm by Kinley Coulter.

     We Americans have become fairly immune to what used to be an innovative and disturbing approach to government… namely, our elected officials acting as surrogate parents to citizens whom they do not trust to make proper decisions about their own lives.  Since we, as citizens, are so prone to making unwise, even dangerous decisions about how to live, federal and state authorities feel duty bound to protect us from ourselves.   We make what they feel to be ill-informed and childish judgements about, for example, the food we eat.  

     Now, let me be clear; I am not opposed to the government putting itself between me and a murderer by incarcerating him (or her.)  I can even tolerate a peace officer pulling me over for driving without a properly fastened seat belt.  But… when a government that I pay for, and which supposedly works for me… starts telling me what I may and may not purchase to eat, I feel they have crossed a line from annoying nosiness into nutritional tyranny.   This same government that promotes gambling through a state operated lottery, and allows wine and liquor to be sold through their monopolistic ‘state stores’,  is asking me to believe that they are honestly concerned about my health when they legislate dairy products to the point that small farmers and their customers cannot carry out private commerce with each other… I’m sorry, I don’t believe it.
     I was thinking along this line over the past year, as I’ve witnessed our state and federal government enacting legislation against raw milk sales and raw milk cheese making.  We are not permitted to transport raw milk across state lines… even for animal consumption… It is literally a ‘federal offense!’  Supposedly, this is because milk that hasn’t been run through a state approved factory is so dangerous to our health.  I wonder if whiskey, assault weapons, fireworks, pornography, cigarettes and lottery tickets have any tendency to be dangerous to anyone’s health?  They are all not only legal… the state encourages and jealously guards the buying and selling of them, and richly pads its own coffers in the process.  
     Anyway,  we as a family farm have celebrated one tiny bit of liberty in the oppressive system of laws related to dairy products.   Namely, we are currently permitted to make cheese from our raw, organic, 100% grassfed milk,  and to sell it in 50 states, as long as we age it for a minimum of 60 days.  During that time, any pathogens that might be present in the raw milk (like e-coli, for example) would be destroyed by the acidic nature of the cheese.  In addition to the acid, the teeming population of beneficial bacteria in a living food like raw milk cheese tends to massively dilute the influence of any ‘bad hombre bacteria.’  Unfortunately, 60 day aged raw milk cheeses are receiving a lot of governmental scrutiny, lately.  Not because they have made anyone sick, but because the big, industrial dairy industry doesn't appreciate the competition.  Healthy, nutrient dense, farmstead, raw milk cheese has a limited shelf life and cannot be mass produced in mega-quantities like the sterile ‘cheeses' at the grocery store.  Here at Coulter Farms, it was mandated, by both the FDA and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, that we set up a certified and inspected laboratory at the farm, to test every batch of milk we process for antibiotic residue.  Never mind that we are an organic farm, and don’t even have a single dose of antibiotic on the entire farm… and haven’t since 2005.  Never mind that the government allows livestock producers to put ‘therapeutic’ antibiotics in the feed of healthy animals, just as a precaution against the devastating diseases that plague high-density, industrial, factory livestock production.  We spend countless hours, and an obscene number of dollars, testing and testing and testing our milk for antibiotic residue that will not (and cannot) ever be there… running up our cost of production, for absolutely no reason - other than to impoverish us and our customers, and to, ultimately, I believe, drive us out of the dairy processing business, and make us slaves, again, to shipping our milk, in enormous tractor trailers, off to giant industrial plants that do ‘who knows what’ to it. Taking our precious, living, sun-golden, nutrient dense milk apart and then reassembling it after exposing the pieces to massive abuses of temperature, pressure and mechanical maceration.  It’s no wonder no one likes ‘milk’ anymore.  I tell anyone that says that they don’t like milk that they’ve never tasted milk.      
     Anyway… my wife says I need to guard against spending a whole blog posting ranting against the government… lest I get lumped in with the rabid anarchists and flaming ‘flat earthers.’  :) I imagine that using the word ‘government’  too many times in a blog posting is inviting a visit from a black suburban full of scary looking men with mirror sunglasses and bulges under their coats… Yikes!
     I would like to take this opportunity to make a shameless plug for the raw milk cheeses our family makes here on our farm.  Until these cheeses are legislated out of existence, you have a unique opportunity to accomplish three important tasks with a purchase of our cheese.  First… you can speak powerfully with your grocery dollar to the powers that be… putting them on notice that you trust your farmer and want to eat real, whole, living food produced by farmers, not factories.  Second… you can do your body and its immune system, your heart, and your brain (and that of your family) a big favor by consuming real cheese made from real milk by real people on a real farm, and profiting from its amazing taste, its biological activity, its dense mineral and enzymatic riches, and its massive quantities of precious omega 3 fatty acids and CLA.  Thirdly… you can partner with us in preserving, promoting and prospering a family farm (and its irreplaceable heritage) that can be a beacon of food sanity in the midst of a tsunami of processed, factory food. Who knows… we may just be the virus that infects and brings down the whole ‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)’ colossus.

     Since we started shipping our cheeses with online ordering from our Home Delivery department, we are getting more and more orders every week.  Would you consider voting for what we are doing with your food dollar?  Why not order some of our cheese for your family?  Cheese makes a great Christmas present :).  We'll put in a card when we ship the cheese, notifying the recipient of your gift.    As an incentive, we have added a $10 off coupon to the ‘Home Delivery’ section of our website.   Baby Swiss, Monterrey Jack, Dill and Chive Jack, Garlic and Herb Jack, Hot Pepper Jack, five varieties of Cheddar, Tomme, Gruyere, Gouda and more are just a click (or three) away.  
     Perhaps, if enough people get on to eating real raw milk cheese... we won’t have to hang our head in shame and admit to foreign visitors that ‘American Cheese’ is actually made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and food coloring… Yuck!