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The Dangerous Fallacy that 'Reduced Fat' is Good for You...

Posted 9/20/2017 12:49pm by Kinley Coulter.

     I am often asked why Coulter Farms doesn’t produce so-called 'reduced fat' products.  Well, there’s a short answer and a long answer.  Any of you who know me very well already know that you’re going to be subjected to the dreaded  ‘long answer.’   I will defend my choice of the long answer because this is such an important issue, a pivotal issue that has suffered through almost 2 generations of ‘fake news’ from governmental ‘powers that be', causing incalculable misery and pandemic sickness in our society.  Cancer, diabetes, dementia, allergies, autism and countless other chronic ‘wealthy fat people’ diseases are being  incubated in the ‘low fat/grainfed fat’ mindset.  Isn’t it shocking that while much of the world is dying of too little food, we, in the west, are eating ourselves to death.  Shame on us! 

     For those of you that want the short answer so you can quickly delete this message and return to doing battle with the tsunami of messages in your inbox… here it is.  Here at Coulter Farms, we think far too much of our customers to subject them to the health problems that come with depriving you of any of the healthy fats in our Certified Organic 100% Grassfed dairy and meat products.  

     Our family would absolutely NOT eat reduced fat dairy and we refuse to subject you to it.  Not in the name of higher profits (it is extremely profitable for a dairy to find a sucker that will buy and consume skim milk as though it were fit for human consumption and let the dairy keep the precious, nutrient dense, sun-golden butterfat).   Also, not in the name of ‘science, falsely so-called’ that tries to sell us a bill of goods about the health benefits of ‘high protein, high carb, reduced fat' dairy.  A friend of mine calls 'reduced fat' milk ‘prisoner milk.’  It was related to me that during WWII, POW’s in Japan were put on an ‘all you can eat’ starvation diet of nothing but skim milk and lean meat.  The imbalance of fat and protein led to muscle weight loss, dementia,  deteriorating health, and ultimately, starvation.  The butterfat from the skim milk and the fatty portions of the meat went to the military, where it had the opposite effect on the combat troops.  I cannot, in good conscience, take money from my customers with one hand, and rob them of their health with the other… just to line my own pockets.  I’m glad to sleep soundly at night, not fretting about depriving someone of the enzymes, minerals and phyto-chemicals that are only available in 100% grassfed fat.  I even feel a little guilty feeding skim milk to our pigs… but they would SO miss it if we took it away from them.
     Just an aside… you need an attorney these days to navigate deceptive health claims of food producers.  I’m sure that you all know that the term ‘Grassfed’ has been rendered meaningless.  Technically, a single blade of grass in the mouth of a cow, at some point in its life, makes it ‘grassfed.’  It’s a clumsy term, but in our day, '100% grassfed’ is a crucial distinction.  Even feeding large amounts of grass and a little grain wipes out most of the grassfed health benefits.  Think of how tiny of a drain can empty an entire bathtub of water… grain acts precisely the same way.  Whether or not you choose to eat OUR 100% Grassfed meat and dairy… be sure you eat SOMEONE’S 100% Grassfed.  (Shameless and Biased Pitch for our Product… ‘Ours IS best!’)
     I often tell customers that full fat dairy is, contrary to popular belief, a diet food… for a number of reasons.  It allows your body to feel full, long after the ‘rush’ of fullness disappears from low-fat dairy.  The Omega 3’s and CLA fatty acids convince your brain (which is, after all,  a fatty organ) that ‘all is well’ with the world and it is safe to ADD muscle mass to your body.  That muscle burns energy, even when it isn’t working… raising your base metabolism and burning calories/lowering your blood sugar levels even while you sit in a chair and read a long, boring blog article :).   Then, when you are active, you burn more calories doing the same level of exercise you did when you had less muscle mass.  So, counter-intuitively, consuming healthy Grassfed fats actually REDUCES body fat, improves brain function, reduces inflammation and improves your immune system, heart health, and resilience against numerous chronic diseases that are plaguing our ‘sedentary low fat’ society.  
     I wish I had a nickel for every time someone at farm market asked me for ‘the leanest beef-cut’… I try to tell these people that not only is all of the flavor in the grassfed fat, all of the health benefits of 100% Grassfed (meat and dairy) are in the fat as well… ALL of the health benefits are in the FAT!  If you pressure a farmer like me to sell you 94% lean ground beef, it’s like buying apple cider that’s 94% watered down!  I never hear customers asking the orchard farmers at market for the ‘most watered down’ apple cider… why do so many people want watered down beef and dairy?  Sigh...
     The ‘good fats’ in Coulter Farms' dairy products are so digestible that many, many of you have told me that although you couldn’t drink milk for 30 years, you can comfortably drink ours.  In fairness, the good fats are also helped out by our A2/A2 milk genetics (sorry, no time to explain today… google it :)  ) and by our insistence on selling only non-homogenized cream-line dairy products.  The old proverb ‘friends don’t let friends drink homogenized milk’ has a lot of truth in it.  I have sold many bottles of milk to purportedly ‘lactose intolerant’ non-milk drinkers with the guarantee… ‘If this milk doesn’t agree with your stomach, I’ll gladly buy it back.’  That deal has sold me a lot of milk, earning me a lot of grateful new milk drinkers and never, ever have I had to buy back a single container of milk.  I feel like a lot of you that are not drinking milk for digestive reasons are missing a real blessing in your life.  
     I am truly fortunate to be able to support my family on our farm.  But an even more satisfying thing is that all of you, our precious customer base, appreciate that we not only farm, we farm RIGHT.  This is really a win-win situation for the farmer and the consumer.  The savvy consumer is willing to pay a premium for an exceptionally healthy food and the farmer gets to enjoy farming the way Creation was designed to be farmed… absent all of the toxic chemicals, genetically modified monstrosities, industrial farming practices and immorally high-density, indoor animal housing.  
     So, the next time you hear me sigh, audibly, at farm market when I’m asked for low fat yogurt, skim milk or lean ground beef… you can sympathize with me as I wonder, for the umpteenth time, why no one ever asks for eggs with no yolk.  Vive le Fat!