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Farmstead Grassfed Ice Cream is a 'Hot' product in the Dog Days of Summer...

Posted 6/28/2017 9:36am by Kinley Coulter.

     Before we ever started milking cows, we began work on the ice cream recipe that we use today for our farm’s 100% Grassfed Ice Cream. I have a Chemistry background and am deeply suspicious of so-called ‘food'- with processing, additives, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, dyes and sweeteners that remind me of my Industrial Chemistry courses from back in the ’80’s. Back in the day, we made our family’s ice cream the old fashioned way, in an electric ice cream freezer that we bought for $2 at a garage sale. It made 4 quarts of ice cream in a long, noisy hour that required a lot of diligence to keep children from extending the process and reducing our yield with endless ‘tasting’.

     Today we use a much more elaborate batch freezer that, unfortunately, was not bought at a garage sale. On the positive side, it can make 24 quarts of ice cream in 10 minutes. We make the base for the ice cream right on the farm with our own milk, cream and eggs. We add organic cane sugar, gelatin, and vanilla/cocoa/coffee flavorings and end up with a truly old-fashioned, farmstead ice cream. We were told that we could not match commercial ice cream for mouth feel and flavor without a bunch of additives. While that may be true, we feel like ours is as close to a ‘healthy, no-guilt’ ice cream as you can get… It’s the only ice cream I’ll eat.

     We sell 90% of our ice cream in June, July and August. We don’t need to do a marketing study to figure out why… sultry hot summer days fairly ‘scream for ice cream'. It’s a bit of a challenge to keep it cold and hard at farm market when temperatures get into the 90’s. We have had very good success with a ‘cold plate’ ice cream cart that can hold ten below zero temperatures without electric for 12 hours. We are experimenting with dipping waffle cones this summer out of this cart. Dipping 100 cones makes market a little hectic but it’s very gratifying to see the entire farm market (or so it seems) walking around with ice cream cones in their hands and broad smiles on their faces. We also now have a small freezer that can run in our van off the cigarette lighter. (Isn’t it amazing that something designed to make heat can keep ice cream cold?)

     Ice cream is one of the products that we make just because we want to. It probably doesn’t sell enough volume to justify the effort and expense but we treat ourselves to making it simply for the fun of it. One of the side benefits of being in the ice cream business is having what we think is the best ice cream in the world handy in the freezer to melt over a hot dessert… Yum! You can have this ice cream in your freezer, too. When you are indulging in some Coulter Farms ice cream, you can remember that you are supporting our family and our cows.